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About us

Rick Mandelson has broad industry sector experience and keen insight into the day to day needs of small to medium business owners and individuals, which is of immense value to clients.

Providing accountancy and taxation services to clients in the Southern Highlands, nationally and around the globe.

Keeping abreast of economic trends in Australia, having ongoing business interests in overseas markets and simply enjoying his craft, means that his clients gain the benefit of strategic and up to date information, coupled with the latest technology and communication to ensure responsive service.

The unpredictable nature of small to medium enterprises means vigilant monitoring and a flexible attitude.

There are a myriad of ways in which Rick can provide helpful and timely advice and be an excellent sounding board at the time of decision making.

Not just at year end, when the task of returns to be submitted are being completed, but through the life of the business enterprise, it’s ups and downs and ever changing market forces.

This approach is as vital for individuals as it is for businesses as a change of circumstances can often reveal a need to review and reshape personal matters to suit the current legal and financial situation.

Clearly enjoying the role of working with his clients to meet their goals and providing the knowledge gained from practical hands on experience, Rick is always ready to actively listen and to provide possible solutions or initiatives for consideration.

Depending upon the nature of our client's specific needs we can provide a referral to a specialist, for example to Key Computers for IT and computer systems  support, Sandra Bowley for Centrelink matters or Elizabeth Wilson, Finance Broker for other financial advice.

For business owners, or those looking for start – up planning and advice, you may find some helpful insights in the articles written by Rick that focus on improving the odds for success and thinking of starting your own business?